Bookkeeping for multiple businesses for nomads

How do you keep track of your total economy and how do you keep track of multiple accounting obligations (for different companies) when nomading?

The ideal solution for me would be to have everything in one place, with “subviews” for different entities. From this location I would “export” to mandatory accountings.

Does something like this exist?

Congratulations for being able to set up and run multiple companies.

Your focus now should not be how to manage it all yourself. Hire relevant skilled workers and advisers. Free yourself from as much tasks as possible so you are not the bottleneck to your business.

Keeping monies for your businesses in a central location and sending to relevant accounts before making payments creates extra banking charges and taxes.

Keeping it simple as a non accounting expert myself, I recommend using MS excel or Libre Office to plan and track expenses for all your companies while still finding and using professionals. Build a team of professionals you trust for your establishments.

Good luck

I am thinking it should be some form of spreadsheet of course.

But I need to know how to import bank details (Could be open source scripts), and also to upload and match documents

I don’t know any bookkeeping applications for several small companies. However, for keeping track of my finances/balances (including that of my companies) I use MoneyWiz and connect it with the banking and investment accounts of each company as well as my personal ones.

How do you use it to support company accounting?

I don’t, I just use it for the “keeping track of total economy” part.

We use QuickBooks. And have a bookkeeper who helps us. they do our taxes too

About Keeping information in a central location.

MS excel or Libre Office is perhaps OK. But if I want to give relevant skilled workers like accountants. I need a way to present information to them, also I probably need some way to give them a subview of the information.

Any idea about Odoo or Bkper.