Which Business Bank?

Hi everyone,

my business is based in Romania. I issue a couple of invoices a month and have some expenses. Now I have a Revolut Business account but I’m trying to find an alternative since I’m not happy with it. Feature like “attaching a receipt” to a transaction cost 5GBP a month.

At the same time, I don’t want to go to traditional banks since both pricing and features are unconvenient.

I was checking Qonto and N26, anyone else knows of any “equivalent bank”?
Thank you

I’d consider Wise. It’s maybe not the most feature rich product, but works well and is cheap. I’ve used their business accounts actively since they launched back in 2016 and have no complaints. Their customer support is also decent, which is more than what I can say for most fintechs.

I still have a local old-school bank account as well, as a backup. In your case I’d probably look for a local Romanian bank with low ongoing fees to be used in conjunction with Wise Business.

N26 only works with self-employed, no legal entities.


I second @tkrunning with Wise. I’ve been using them for years, both personally and for my business and am very happy with them.

If you use the option to attach a receipt to a transaction for personal bookkeeping, I think they have that option without extra cost (though I personally haven’t used it yet):

I will make a note that in Romania I’ve been working with Libra Bank for paying my taxes, and they come very close to a fintech - you can open an account online in a few hours without going to the bank and I’ve never needed to physically go to them. They do have a handful of offices in a few towns in Romania if you do need to talk to them though.