Brazilian Citizenship fast track for those who get GV then PT Citizenship

I was reading that PT citizens can get Brazilian citizenship after just one year of residence.

Anyone else research this?

If this is the case, and they’re is no catch (like needing to be born in Portugal) then I’d seriously consider 1-2 years in Brazil. Given we’re all learning portugese it would be an interesting adventure and opportunity given the rise of Brazil/BRICS/Mercosur.

Constituion uses the word “originários”. I feel like the Spanish fast track this will be unclear where some day it is only to mean born, but Google translate (not what I trust) says “from”.

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BRICS is an absolute meme but Brasil might get it together in the future and be worth having citizenship in. Great find thank you for sharing

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Doesnt seem very high value to me personally. Maybe quality of life and security are better in Brazil than the US, i dunno!

Think long term, presumably they will improve

Current government is pretty bad but you can’t predict the future

Yeah. I have no desire to live/work in brazil, but maybe if welfare state in my 3 target citizenships (all first world) fall apart in 50 years our children might like Brazil.

Easier to get these things before they are desireable and become hard to get.


Brazil is a birthright citizenship country like USA so if you want your future children to be Brazilian you can just have them born there.

A Brazilian child also entitles you to naturalize in just 1 year.

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I lived in Brazil for two and a half years about 20 years ago and really loved it. Crime is certainly an issue, and the political situation is challenging, like in the US, but the quality of life I found excellent, and the country is amazing, and the culture is wonderful. If this is true, I would explore this option. We’re should be eligible for Portuguese citizenship by 2028. Afterall, Brazil is the country of the future. Although as de Gaulle said “… and always will be…”

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