Bug in the @discobot tutorial

Hi! I’m a new user. I’ve been humouring the @discobot by following its tutorial. i think I found a bug in the tutorial.

One task is to flag a @discobot message “as inappropriate”. I flagged the message, but — not reading carefully — I flagged it as “other” rather than as “inappropriate”. Now the bot is disappointed that it doesn’t see the flag it is expecting, and I don’t see a way to change the way I flagged the message.

The consequence is that I think I am stuck in the tutorial, and can’t proceed any further. This is not a severe problem. However, I think I should report it somewhere, in case someone wants to take a look at the tutorial’s programming. I hope this is a good first place to report.

Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

It turns out that I was not stuck. Replying skip to the bot let me move on to the next step of the tutorial, and eventually complete it.

Great that you managed to advance in the end :slight_smile: And welcome to the community!