Buying Property in Portugal Mortgage Expat

Hi, We are halfway through the golden visa process. We’re looking to invest in a holiday home we can use when we are in Portugal via a mortgage. This is separate from the investment for the golden visa which is done. Does anyone with leads on how to go about getting a mortgage for a property with banks for Expats/Foreigners or if it’s even possible? What things do we need to consider and is there a platform to check what properties are available? Thanks in advance.

Regarding the 2nd question if I understand you correctly - I am not sure there are any restrictions based on the property itself. It would be up to the bank’s decision if a particular property is ‘eligible’ for their mortgage.
Resource-wise I used imovirtual and casasapo. A few people mentioned idealista.

Regarding the 1st question I do not have the leads myself but can recommend an estate agent who I worked with on GV. I expect he would have a lot of knowledge around mortgages in PT.

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I don’t think there are any restrictions when it comes to asking a mortgage for a property with banks in Mortugal. We’re using Millennium Bank (private bank branch) and are very happy with them. Finding properties to buy - Idealista is very popular and has loads of properties listed. Another good option is Kippertree. Our property is on both.

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i did just this last year very successfully and used a company as a bond originator who i only dealt with and they dealt with all the banks and got the best deal - all very normal and professional as ifi was back home. they were based in torres vedras. i am sure they could point you in the right direction


I looked into getting a mortgage last year. It was possible for expats to get a mortgage, but the interest rate was not as interesting because there were added obligations to acquire life insurance etc. in addition, the duration can be severely restricted depending on the applicant’s age. This can Jack up monthly payment obligations. Terms and conditions seem to vary meaningfully from bank to bank. You should definitely shop around and consider using a broker (I was told that they can be very effective finding the most favorable terms and conditions and their commissions are paid by the bank). If you want to do a rough simulation, Millennium has a mortgage simulator in their website. Good luck!

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Do you have any information about buying a property for Holiday homes? Will the bank consider this kind of property for a mortgage? I plan to buy a property and have it rented out when I’m not there.

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Thank you for this information.

Thanks for your input. Any available banks you can recommend?

What company did you use as a bond originator? Thanks in advance any leads will be greatly appreciated.