[Q] Getting mortgage in EU


I’m considering buying real estate for investment purposes and figured it would be much more efficient to leverage it using a mortgage.
I’m based in the EU, currently using Revolut for my personal and business bank accounts, and they don’t offer loans in my region…

  1. Any recommendations on where to get a mortgage loan?
  2. Putting aside taxation - are there any benefits of the company taking the mortgage instead of myself?

Thanks a bunch!
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The answers to your questions will depend on the country where you want to buy real estate.
I think the best way to find out is to call/visit some banks in the country where you want to buy something.
Trying to get a mortgage in another country than the country where you want to buy real estate will make it even more complicated.
I know in NL you will have to pay a part of the sum yourself, you cannot finance everything. And you will need to prove that you make enough money, a salary or if you are self employed they will ask you to prove that you made enough during several years.

Mortgages are very much a local service even in the EU. I know for a fact that getting a mortgage as a non resident for Property in Germany and Portugal is possible. For other countries I would recommend contacting banks in the country you wish to purchase in.

Check out Novo Banco they have services marketed specifically for expats, it’s called: Golden Key.


Also programs for foreigners for mortgages/investment products.


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Any tips on mortgages in Hungary, Montenegro or Croatia?