Buying/registering a caravan/car in Spain as non-resident

Hi Nomaders. Hoping this is the correct channel. I’m a U.S. citizen in the final throes of the Portugal Golden Visa process. I had my biometric appointment in early 2023 and only need to update a few documents then wait for SEF to issue our residency permit/card.

I am planning to go full nomad for the next year or so around Europe by purchasing a campervan/caravan. I won’t be in any one country for more than a month or so, planning to move in and out of Schengen. I’ve found the best vehicles for me are in Spain. However, the process for purchasing and registering a Spanish vehicle are quite complicated. Portugal has massive import and tax costs so we’d prefer to keep it registered in Spain. Spain seems to require me to have a contract for an apartment for at least one year amongst other relatively “overcomeable” requirements.

Does anyone have experience with this process in Spain as a non-EU citizen (or even as a soon-to-be EU resident from a neighboring country)? Any guidance?


Just nudging this back to the top in case someone knowledgeable missed it. Any ideas or experiences with this topic?