Moving to Portugal

Hi Nomad/Gate community,

I’m planning to move to Portugal by the end 2021 from the U.S. I’ve been looking at properties and realize that there are a lot of logistics to making this move happen. Does anyone here have experience they would care to share about buying property, lawyers, taxes, transferring US finance, and navigating Portuguese bureaucracy.

Also, I’m planning a trip to explore and purchase property in September. Any advice on that also welcome or if any of you are in Portugal and would care to connect I would love that.

Thank you and I hope to get more acquainted and involved in this community.


Hi Carole, happy to share what I have learned so far on the process, except that I am not moving from the US.

Hi Carole,

I have moved to Portugal this year and I can happily advise you a website for portuguese properties:
Now you can explore portuguese housing market from US. Since I am European Union citizen moving to Portugal was piece of cake and till now I haven’t noticed any bureaucratic difficulties.