Looking for recommendations for a Tax Expert and Lawyer who understands Real Estate deeply


I am a Non Portuguese resident, looking to buy a couple of investment properties in Lisbon and Porto. I am currently in Portugal, and have shortlisted a property that would be a good fit in Porto and we are viewing properties in Lisbon to shortlist one.

PS: This investment will NOT be a part of the GV Process.

I am in Portugal till the 10th of this month and am looking to close a deal whilst I am here. I am looking for a tax expert who understands the Real Estate market well, and has extensive experience with it, especially in terms of the short-let market, as these properties would be used as Holiday Rentals/AIRBNB’s. Looking for advise on issues like:

  1. Buying as a company Vs. an Individual
  2. Mortgage structuring
  3. Review our cost model to ensure we have factored in all potential costs.

Similarly, would also appreciate any introductions to lawyers who specialize in property, especially property for short-term rental use.


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Hi David,

Not sure if you’re still looking for a tax expert/lawyer. If you are, then Fresh Portugal might be able to help you with this. They have international experience, and they can advise on the taxation aspects of purchasing real estate.

They offer a discounted consultation to Nomad Gate readers.