Can a spouse get a Portuguese Passport?

My wife has a UK passport, she has a Portuguese heritage but have never been to Portugal. We are looking at alternatives living options to raise a young family. I assume my wife can get a Portuguese passport but can I?, How long is the process?, What taxes to you need to pay if your have a Portuguese passport but live outside the country?

Thanks in advance

I am not a tax accountant/lawyer but you donโ€™t need to pay Portuguese taxes unless you stay in Portugal for more then half of the year.
Also there might be reduced tax rates for people of Portuguese heritage returning to Portugal.

Oh and yeah, you can get citizenship by marriage. Portuguese bureaucracy isnโ€™t the fastest but sometimes you get pleasantly surprised. For example, the Portuguese consulate in San Francisco has always made my life easier whenever it was possible.

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Hello Fernandomorgan

Thank you for the information