Can Malta *permanent* residence be purchased? And Malta PR has what conditions


I am trying to dig through Malta’s materials to understand if there is some way for a non-EU citizen to receive a Malta permanent residency card in the course of some months.

I kind of think it is, but most materials are not of a very high quality, also dated - Malta released their latest MPMR (Malta Permanent Residence Programme) deal this year on 29 March.

Is it available?

And then comes the next question: If then receiving the permanent residence then is there any condition of spending one single day in Malta ever more, to keep it?

(Or maybe one day per 5 years to go to Malta to renew the card, if that can’t be done remotely.)

I ask because in several countries, “permanent residence” is actually not forever but may even require one to stay many months per year in the country, in order to keep it.


Hi Mik,

I’m a new member here and just came across your comment!

I’m from Malta and a couple of years ago I had rented by apartment in Malta to a non-eu citizen who obtained the MPR and he never came to live to Malta.

Let me know if I can help you further.