Can you transfer from an Golden Visa-eligible investment fund to an investment in Portuguese property?

I would like to get a Portuguese Golden Visa by May 2021 when my son turns 26. For getting onto the process for a Golden Visa it would obviously be quickest to transfer €350K of capital to acquire units in an investment or venture capital fund.

But I would like to buy a house in Portugal. Is it possible to initially put that money into such a fund and then take it out to pay for a property? Or do I have to choose and buy a house before May?

It sounds as if you’re asking the wrong question to start. If, as it appears, you haven’t started the GV process yet, you’ll miss your May 2021 deadline by approximately 5-7 years.

I think that you and the poster may be talking past each other. It takes 5-7 years to obtain permanent residence and citizenship, but it does not take that long to get an initial residence permit.

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The key issue here is this: Is it possible to initially put ‘Golden Visa money’ into an investment fund and then take it out to pay for a property?

Does anyone have any knowledge or experience of this?

No you’ll have to stay within the same category of investment for the entire period. You can move to another fund, but not RE.

Also, Evan’s point is potentially important as it seems you are intending on bringing along your son on the application. You should verify with your lawyer, but last I heard he’d need to meet the requirements for each renewal, not just on the initial application.


Yes, if you want your son to get EU citizenship he probably needs his own investment and Golden Visa.

If you are over 65 I think he can actually sponsor you as his dependent instead of the other way around.