New min amount VS old min amount for old GV Holders

Hi! I m holding Portuguese golden visa, since 5 years and would change the investment scheme by investing in a fund. The question is: Dothe old requirements remain in place 350K EUR to invest in a fund instead of the new 500K investment amount in a real estate fund ?
Thank you in advance

Thank you for replying
Lawyers are struggling managing the GV renewal because many of investors don t have access to their investment after residence visa expiration !!

The reason is the Portuguese language level A2.
I have to learn and get the level a2 of Portuguese language


Hi @Kingo — what I’ve heard from lawyers is that you’ll need to stick to the same type/category of investment if you want to change it down the line. So you may want to verify whether you can change it to a fund at all…

Either way, good luck… Hope you get it sorted!

That sounds like completely uncharted territory requiring expert detailed consultation…

Yeah, sounds reasonable if you’re willing to start the process from scratch. But @jb4422 is right—definitely consult experts.