Certidão de Contagem do Tempo - How to get

How does one acquire a “ Certidão de Contagem do Tempo”? Is it possible to do it yourself or would I need to get a lawyer to do it?
Thanks for any advice

Better to observe the portuguese speaking immigrants. Most likely all steps were already covered by them.

In this clip, this guy wrote email to SEF Viana de Castelo to book appointment for submitting request Contagem do tempo. Then he got the appointment. He went there to submit the form (can be downloaded online as he shows on his clip). After that, at a certain date, he returned to pickup the document and paid 19E.

He also mentioned that you can ask any SEF office. But if you need email’s address of SEF Viana de Castelo, send him a private message.

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Another excellent clip by a brazilien lady. Clip was done today guiding people step by step, how to fill in forms, …a get a Contagem do Tempo at AIMA with most updated cost 22 Euro.


If someone feels like summarizing the information offered in the videos and elsewhere, I think this would make an excellent wiki topic. See: