📌 Guides and wikis: How to access and contribute

The Nomad Gate community is a treasure trove of knowledge, however it can be hard to find the truly useful posts as they tend to be buried deep within threads with hundreds or even thousands of posts.

In an attempt at making it easier to access this immensely valuable knowledge, the community proposed putting together guides that summarize the information contained within the community.

Each guide will be made a “wiki”, meaning that anyone (except brand new users) can edit them to add in additional knowledge and keep them up to date as things invariably change over time.

Accessing the guides

For now you can find the posts tagged wiki in the forum.

We may also add a section listing the guides in the relevant articles on Nomad Gate (e.g. the Portugal Golden Visa guide).

Adding and contributing to the guides

If you would like to contribute your knowledge towards creating an easy to access guide (wiki) to the benefit of the community, this is how you do so:

  1. First off, thank you :pray:
  2. Pick a topic from the list below or choose another that you think will be useful
  3. Create a new topic in the relevant category (e.g. Portugal Golden Visa :portugal:) and add the relevant tags (both wiki as well as e.g. portugal and golden-visa if it’s related to the Portuguese GV program)
  4. Start the name of the topic with e.g. GUIDE: or HOW-TO: so it stands out from other types of topics.
  5. Write the guide. You can refer to the original posts that contributed the information you’re including by quoting or linking to them. That gives people an opportunity to get
  6. At the end of the wiki, please add this section:
*This wiki was created by @YourUsername. If you see an <kbd>Edit</kbd> button in the bottom right, you are welcome to contribute your knowledge.*

*Contributions by: [If you make any changes to this wiki, add your username here]*

*Read more about [wikis on Nomad Gate here](https://community.nomadgate.com/t/guides-and-wikis-how-to-access-and-contribute/63641).*
  1. Once you hit publish, you can also DM me (@tkrunning) and I’ll see if it makes sense to merge add the wiki as the first post of the existing thread on the relevant topic. In some cases it will, in others it won’t. If I don’t merge them, I’ll add in notices in the relevant threads with links to the new wiki.

Note: When starting out it’s perfectly fine to quote a lot of the original content providing insights into the topic in question, the wiki doesn’t need to read like a perfectly crafted and coherent guide. The most important thing is to get started by at least centralizing the important information in one place. And at that point it’ll be easier for people to contribute going forward.

Topics in need of a wiki

  • How to automatically renew your Portugal Golden Visa online :white_check_mark: Done by @minimaxr
  • Required Documents for Portugal Golden Visa Renewal :white_check_mark: Done by @Garbonzo
  • Should you include children on your GV application?
  • PT GV stage 1: Process, actions, tricks, expected timelines, meaning of AIMA statuses, etc
  • PT GV stage 2: Process, actions, tricks, expected timelines, meaning of AIMA statuses, etc
  • PT GV stage 3: Process, actions, tricks, expected timelines, meaning of AIMA statuses, etc
  • PT GV stage 4: Process, actions, tricks, expected timelines, meaning of AIMA statuses, etc
  • IMGA tax filings in the US (or maybe more generic to cover any fund?)
  • What to expect at a PT GV biometrics appointment?
  • Should I file a lawsuit against AIMA?
  • Living in Portugal before final approval
  • Will wait time count towards citizenship?
  • Investing in PE funds in Portugal
  • How to count days for the 7 days per year or 14 days for every two years requirement.
  • Best practices to keep records for proving time in Portugal to count for renewal of residency.
  • How to get Certidão de Contagem do Tempo? (Existing topic)

If you want to tackle one or several of these topics, please edit this post and add your username next to it to let other’s know that you’re working on it.

If you can think of more topics to add, feel free to add them here (Edit this post).

Thank you!

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