Wiki: Required Documents for Portugal Golden Visa Renewal

This wiki article is specific to PORTUGAL GOLDEN VISA RENEWAL documents. Please contribute if you can improve this wiki. This article assumes that GV renewals will shortly require documents to be submitted to the AIMA portal in order to submit a renewal application. To assist applicants in preparing to obtain appropriate documentation in advance of the renewal process, the following list of required documents is presented.

Tax Declaration.
An up-to-date declaration issued in the prior 45 days by the Portuguese Tax Authorities and by the Portuguese Social Security confirming the absence of any outstanding debts to those authorities owed by the applicant

Criminal Background Check.
Where the ARI / Golden Visa applicant fails to prove his / her actual residence in Portugal, it is mandatory to submit an Extract from the criminal record – duly certified by a Portuguese diplomatic or consular post abroad – of the country of origin, or country of residence in case the applicant has been living in another country for over one year. The extract of the criminal records must be issued within 3 months of the online application, legalized/apostilled, and certifiably translated into Portuguese.

Proof of investment
The Golden visa applicant must provide proof that the initial investment supporting the original application is still continuing. I am not going to repeat all of the steps to prove the investment, but you can find it archived here: Wayback Machine

Proof of stay.
The applicant must provide for themself and each dependent proof of stays within the national territory for the requisite period of time. The proofs can be in the form as set forth in the procedures manual for the predecessor to AIMA. These proofs may be provided by presentation of boarding passes, proof of hotel accommodation, proof of purchase of goods/services in TN, among others.
(These documents should be translated, if not in Portuguese)

Proof of support and maintenance (Optional- for those with dependents)
For dependents age 18 and older, proof that each dependent relies on the applicant for support and maintenance. This consists of proof that the child over age 18 is enrolled full time in school, and that he or she is not married. For parents of applicants, proofs can be evidence of financial support.
(It is unclear if there is an expiration validity date for these types of documents, or if they need to be apostilled. It is assumed these documents must be translated.)

If your passport has been renewed since original application date, you will need to provide a copy of the new passport.

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Three cheers for (I think?) our first wiki contribution!


For translations, see here:

For apostille info, check here:

Our last renewal was under the document suspension regime, so recollecting from the renewal before that:

  1. I think SEF consulted the tax records itself; we did not supply a tax declaration.
  2. PT is a member of the Basel Treaty, so in the case of another member state, a certification by a Portuguese diplomatic or consular post is not required or acceptable; the criminal background check is apostilled. In the case of English, it does not need to be translated.
  3. Did anyone ever have to have any of the proofs of stay translated or apostilled? They are not official documents and they are almost always in Portuguese or English. In addition to boarding passes, one should also present the residence card so entry and exit is logged into the border control system that way (do not use the electronic gates).
  4. Our investment was in real estate and we were not required to prove we had not sold it, or prove again that we had made it. By “still valid”, do you mean “is continuing”?

I don’t know about this. The renewal form submitted to AIMA has a checkbox under Apresentando os seguintes documentos: for “IRS” so I believe the IRS document is required to be submitted. The AIMA procedures manual states the following: “Proof that the tax situation has been regularized by presenting a negative declaration
issued by the Tax and Customs Authority and Social Security within 45 days.”

I believe this is incorrect. Please refer to the terms of article 172 of the Notaries Code or under the terms of article 38 of Decree-Law no. 76-A/2006, of 29 de March)


@Garbonzo , thank you for taking the lead to create this Wiki. As renewals HOPEFULLY ramp back up, this topic will be very helpful - especially if the process is transitioned to more of an online approach. I do have one suggestion: consider adding “Wiki:” at the beginning of the subject line of the post. That way, we all can find it more easily.

@tkrunning or @hanna , I think I’ve posed this question before. Is there a way that you, as moderators, can flag (sticky) this post so that it always appears at the top of the list of posts? I’m thinking of something similar to what you see on posts in the airline forums, for instance.

I have pinned the topic, however pinning works differently with our forum software than e.g. on FlyerTalk. It remains pinned until you enter the topic once. Then it gets unpinned for you, however you can pin it again if you’d like. Otherwise, for easy ongoing reference you can check topics tagged with wiki.

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Apostille is used to assert the authenticity of a document issued in country A to an entity in country B using a chain of certifying authorities in country A. This doesn’t make sense for proofs of stay, most of which are generated in Portugal by Portuguese entities (restaurant bills, Pingo Doce receipts, etc) and will be examined by a Portuguese entity, AIMA.


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@Garbonzo , thanks for your great job! One simple question about “Criminal Background Check”.

Where the ARI / Golden Visa applicant fails to prove his / her actual residence in Portugal, it is mandatory to submit an Extract from the criminal record
→ In case of living in Portugal, do I get a criminal record document at the local police?

Maybe someone else knows the answer but I think it depends how long you have lived in Portugal. I seem to recall 3 or 5 years.

Thanks for the reply!

If someone here at this portal knows, please share the experience/information. :pray:

This is a community wiki so you are free to research the issue yourself and post the answer. In fact, it is encouraged.

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The information on getting your Portuguese criminal record is available easily - in English as well as Portuguese: Request a criminal record certificate of an individual.
Foreigners can only request the certificate in the following desks:

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Does anyone know where we need to get appointments to bring these documents? Is it SIGA, AIMA, email someone, the ARI Portal now at AIMA? It is maddening that we can’t just renew it online like the D7 holders. If I could do it all over again, I would have never done a GV…

You raised two questions and there are two separate threads where you can discuss those questions, neither of which are here.

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