Charles Schwab - Promo Question

I signed up for the Charles Schwab account just before realizing there was this promo code. I was honestly shocked they accepted to be honest. I was wondering if anyone knows if :

  1. the promo is still good?
  2. what the new promo code is? (so far I found REFER6NETHKAC, REFER6NET8C4U and REFER4U4XMJVY in that order by reading through old posts)
  3. And what I should do since I just signed up and was approved? Should I close it and open another or just call the promo line? I think that number is 866-855-9102, right?

Any comments, advice and/or snide remarks are very welcome! Thank you and great site!

Right, so I’ll answer my own question…called and to get a 100 bucks you need to deposit 25k and keep it there for a certain amount of time (wasn’t listening after that). I did successfully enter the code the first time so it apparently didn’t work but, hey, can’t complain. Oh, and 866-855-9102 has been discontinued. So you have to either find the new number or get transferred.