NovoBanco - US Phone number SMS

So I have an account apparently at Novobanco and am trying to activate the account. I put in all the info but when it comes to putting in the number I have tried like all possible combinations and still never receive a SMS to verify. I have been putting 0001 for the county box and put 0001 and just the (555 555 5555) number in and as (00015555555555) and no such receiving the SMS. Hopefully others have been successful and can share some insight. Thank you

You might have too many zeros…try 001 in front of the US number. That worked for me.

Did you fill in both boxes? I was just wondering the successful format

It was a while ago (6 months or so). But there were two boxes… The first was the country code +1 or 001. The other box was the number. I did have to work with the branch manager though… It was not done purely online.

I had the same problem and ended up having them send the auth code via robocall, then translating the digits into english…

I had to do the same. I went into a location in Lisbon last month and that was the only solution they could come up with. It is still going to be an issue with authenticating the app on my phone. You only get a few authentications this way. However, logging in on the full website from a computer will not be restricted in that way and will just be what I use going forward.