Millenium Bank SMS Verification


I’ve opened a bank account with Millenium (using Bordr) as a step towards the D7 visa. I’m hitting an issue with logging in / authenticating with their SMS messages. During the authentication process they are supposed to send an SMS with a verification code but it never arrives. I’ve spoken with a Millenium support person who says they sent it however my cell phone provider claims it never arrived. This is a non-Portuguese cell provider and I’m outside of Portugal. I can get SMS from outside the country from others.

Has anybody run into this before? Any solutions? In searching this issue online I ran into a rather old post (2014) on another board from somebody saying that Millenium wasn’t properly entering/storing his international number and he got it corrected but there wasn’t a lot of details on how this was done.


Do the search on this forum…

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Thanks for pointing that thread out to me. I did search before posting and didn’t find it. Also, when typing out the message the board suggested a number of message threads to me (none relevant) but not that one.

Still have the issue. I’ve got our prestige client rep checking with the bank’s IT dept. but haven’t heard back yet.

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As you may gather from the other thread, there are two solutions suggested that most likely would work:

  • get a sim-card from a PT operator (available on ebay, no need to travel to PT)
  • get a token from the bank (that’ll probably require a visit or two to your bank’s branch in PT)
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Yeah, I’ll consider the Portuguese mobile provider as an option if needed. I might try a VOIP Portuguese (or other European) phone number first. The token from the bank is out for now as I can’t easily hop over to Portugal.

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I’ve had the same issues, and went through the same efforts with no luck. Never found a solution, but as the phone app still works for me, I’m ok until I get there, or something else requires other access.

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The phone app would work fine for me too. How did you get the phone app to work without being able to receive an SMS from the bank? I still haven’t got past the initial authentication where I set my multichannel code. Both the web page or the phone app have wanted me to enter the code that is sent by SMS to continue.


So, I think the difference must be that we opened our account while in PT. So the Prestige banker help us get the app going.
Later, back in California, I tried to log in on the website and ran into the same issues with no sms message coming back.
I’m also with att, but that really shouldn’t matter.

If I were you, I’d try to get the SIM card like the others suggested.

I had a problem with my French bank account on my French phone in France
The sms went to JUNK
I did not even realise I had a junk folder on my sms s
Very infuriating

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I know this problem with MBCP. It is not caused by MBCP. Sometimes it is your provider. If by any chance you are using a prepaid phone, make sure it has enough minutes/sms. Bizarrely, loading my phone with a bundle of minutes sms and data does not help. I have to separately load just minutes and sms, then it works. But not always. It can be a glitch in the network. Or maybe there is a dispute between providers, and they do not pass on sms messages? I think the only way to permanently resolve this is to get a subscription based PT phone number.

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Over the past four years of maintaining an account with MBCP I’ve been intermittently affected by this issue. I called their customer service but got a feeling that that they weren’t sure how to solve it. Initially they told me it was my local provider’s fault. The local provider checked and came back to me saying they didnt detect any problem with their syste. I’m convinced they are right.

Nevertheless, a couple of times the issue got temporarily resolved before resurfacing. It’s only in the last year so that I haven’t had any issues with the Millennium SMS.

We had a similar problem with Millenium. It turned out that they added an additional “1” to our phone number, so instead of +1 (XXX) xxx-xxxx they had the number as +1 1(xxx)xxx-xxxx. So we never received the SMS. It took some paperwork to clear up, but once we got the number straight, everything has worked smoothly. Worth checking out.

The issue sounds uncannily like the ‘blocked short codes’ problem I had when I switched to Verizon wireless from ATT.

Most of these 2 factor verification messages COME from a short code typically a 4 or 5 digit number that doesn’t even look like a phone number. In my case I had switched providers from ATT to Verizon and when I made the change the short codes were still being routed to ATT, and since ATT had not fully ‘released’ the number, they were not delivered to Verizon and the sender institution claimed it had been sent. It took obtaining some kind of account code from ATT and providing that to my new provider Verizon, AND requesting ATT to release my number. 3 days of going back and forth between the providers and suddenly it started working.

The other issue could be what Richard suggested that they added the country code to your number so the country code is being repeated twice.