Cost of gaining residency

Hello guys
can we have feedback from those that have gotten RESIDENCY In any country i,e Portugal ,Greece or Malta
what is your experience vis-à-vis cost

Cost of what? Legal fees? Moving fees? Living?

The answer will be different for each country that you have given as an example, so are you really asking which country is the cheapest?

What have you already learned through your own research? Is there something that you would like confirmed?

Personally, I myself do not have any personal experience of that, but I will put you here a couple of online publications from which you can at least get more information about the subject you are asking about. Costs are affected by so many different things such as how much property to move and where to move and how to move.

the total cost including legal fee

It’s nice that you have interests of traveling with residency in mind but you should know that your question has no correct answer. The three countries are very different with very different types and cost of residency which is determined by where you are from (what passports you already have).

To help you have an idea using Greece as an example with your passport in mind, you will have to deposit the equivalent of N920 million for a few years outside of the cost of the house you will have to buy for another N230 million minimum. It’s safe to say that nobody will spend these sums if they don’t have more in their pockets. If you have N920 million, you would stay in Lekki and live better than if you went to Greece, Portugal or Malta. Buying a flat in Banana island is cheaper than residency in any of these three places and will do more for the rep that you may be after. You have also never experienced fees, taxes and levies like in the places you have mentioned.

Having said this, nobody makes this type of money without already knowing the answer to the question you asked. Focus on your hustle and do your personal research for residency and passports via investments that will benefit your wife(s), kids and future grandchildren (as is tradition). The answer will come to you organically.


Thank Akran.
i will not spend my money just because i do not know what to do with money
Honestly the way things are going i need Plan B
but from the interaction so far EU countries are no go area ,
but there are some countries that are still very Cheap and who says i can not open a second farm in another country

can we have other alternatives to getting RECIDENCY Via other means apart from real estate

Sure you can but its not the question you asked

There are but its a very big topic with multiple implications. This is where your interests, desires, needs and budget makes it easy to give you a useful answer.

for me to be on this platform is the interest and to know more
i believe with the information i just gave will expand my scope of search to less expensive way to get a residency
what do you think

I totally understand and feel your pain.

International flights are available from next week so,

Option 1. SRRV from the Philippines. It will cost $20,000 but you first need a visa to get there to apply. My advice is to do so in Makati. You can lease farmland there cheap for up to 50 years (you can’t own land)

Option 2. MM2h Malaysia. It cost RM500,000 and an income of RM10,000 the program is currently on hold. You can own land in certain places.

Option 3. Montenegro residency via property purchase. Any home you buy gives you residency. Eg 1 bedroom flat from 25,000 euros

Option 4. Serbia residency via property purchase. Any home you buy gives you residency. Eg 3 bedroom home near Novi Sad from around 10,000 euros

Option 5. Mexico temporary resident visa. Prove that you have $30,000 (bank statement) or more at the embassy and get the temporary resident visa.

Option 6. Fly to Barbados or Dominica and open a multi currency bank account there with an introduction letter from your bank here. (Nice if you bank with GTB, Zenith or Standard Charted here). Use this for your trading financial base and rotate between Barbados (6 months), Dominica (1 month), (Fiji 4 months) and Nija (1 month). You don’t need a residency for this and can start next week. There are other countries like the Gambia you can do 3 months for fun.

Option 7. Contact La Vida and get a St. Lucian passport. Will cost you $140,000 in total

Option 8. If you are below 30 years of age, apply for the commonwealth work visa in England valid for 2 years. If you say anything about business or working with your degrees you will be rejected instantly. Only odd jobs like restaurant or farm help and security is seen as fine. Stay away from London. The further north you go the better for you.

Option 9. Czech Republic offers a special business visa (zivno visa or zivnostenské opravneni)


Okoebor, people would not spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on real estate if there were a less expensive way. @Akan has answered your question. You cannot afford this.

Have you looked at setting up in Ekiti, Ogun or Oyo? If you buy farm land out of town, setup your own bore hole and provide your own power (solar and inverters), you would be eligible for a 100% tax break for 10 years. Supply mile 12 or start your own farm to table delivery focusing on the island. I used to own/run 3 acres in Epe growing organic vegetables and these places will be way cheaper. You can even rent 1 hectare form N3,000 per year in Ekiti.

Do you know aquaponics or aeroponics? You could setup a greenhouse in Ikorudo or Epe growing irish potato giving you up to 17 harvests per plant per year meaning that after the first 3 months you are harvesting every 2 weeks making over 8 million every two weeks. 90% of all tomatoes in shoprite are grown using hydroponics. Lagos state government will give you the land for free if you do it there. Samson with IITA is proof of this and will be happy to help you. His office is in Ikoyi but the farms are in Ibadan, Ikorodu and Abeokuta.

Reach out to Sisimi of Ope organic farm for training and advice, take a look at Tinwot organic farm if you can. You will cry tears of pride if you visit these farms and will never leave Nigeria if you are into farming and see what they have done and what you can do here with what we have.

AKRAN you are just the best
i have a 5 ha farmland In Abuja and and another plot for my poultry
my plan B is for my kids
form me this Nigeria is my home but who says i cant expand in another country
and benefit in both ways
am really grateful for the above information

yea i agree but i still believe residency is not only by real estate alone
let find more alternative
like start-ups

if you read Akron messages i believe he has open more option to many people and they may not know such exist
i believe this is the bases of this platform

please explain that number 6 to me and the Gambia stuff please

Will give you the link to the best organic poultry farmers in West Africa (the ones in Lagos, Abuja and Kaduna) with them/their methods (zero vaccines, drugs or normal pratice) you save up to 70% on production and feeding cost but get better results much faster and get very healthy produce you will be proud of.

Focus your doe in investments, when you are ready to have children, take madam to St. Kitts (instant citizenship for the kids) or to Brazil (instant citizenship for the kids and in 18 months for the parents especially the mother) to give birth.

Open an account with FBN Quest and or ARM, the minimum per person is N5,000 The earnings are free from tax and if you start early for your children even at the minimums, they will most likey be millionaires by the time they can have full access to their accounts at their 21st birthdays. Open a joint account for yourself and your wife. If you put N100 million there, you can choose not to work ever again in life just living of the interests (which is paid quarterly).

Get a 20 year term life insurance with a minimum cash payout of the equivalent of N100 million with your wife as the main beneficiary and a trust for the kids if both you and your wife don’t make it . The annual cost to you will be around N50,000 (under $130 at today’s rates) per year (way less than a good night clubbing in Abuja or Lagos). Avoid telling everyone with an African cultural background about this specific plan especially from your own compound family.

Put yourself and your wife on a strict budget that you can both review quarterly.

And lastly, give back to society by assisting or training at least 2 people who are not form your family (outside of what you are already doing for family). It could be by sponsoring them to go to school or setting up a business. You are into Crypto, find, train and fully fund at least 10 Youth Coopers each year and mentor them until they each exceed N10 million each. You gain more than you can imagine when you teach and help others for free.


This is the number of months you can stay visa free

There are about 45 visa free countries you can go to today. Gambia is one of the nice countries that you can go to. It is just and example of the many places available to you

I have sent about 7 contacts and 2 telegram groups link that you should find useful to you as a private message. Please check your private messages.


thank you once again my brother
am into organic farming already
but i still learn new things every day
given back to the society is one one the reason you free gave me this advise
I have 3 kids soon i will be 50.
na this people way dey govt just dey make things difficult
i really appreciate u

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