Crypto in Malta

(Yulema) #1

Hi y’all :wave:t2:
I just moved to Malta (I’m from Spain) and I would like to know how do I become a taxable resident here in relation to crypto earnings by holding only no trading. Do a registration as economically self sufficient resident, would be enough?
Thanks in advance

(Thomas K. Running) #2

Hi @yulemaport, welcome to the community!

To become tax resident in Malta you simply need to reside there “in the ordinary or regular course” of your life. So moving to Malta will do that. Just make sure you spend more time in Malta than you do in e.g. Spain (or other countries that might claim that you’re resident there). When moving to Malta, you’ll also have to register, and the self sufficiency path makes sense if you’re not going to be working locally (or if you will just start working at some point in the future).

Hope that helps!

(Yulema) #3

Thank you Thomas, I really appreciate your response :pray:t2::smiley: