Date for Return Flights for D7 Visa


Anyone who has successfully received the D7 visa or is in the process of applying one. I have this question regarding the return flights.

Lets assume my interview at VFS is scheduled for 15th Dec.

The Departure flight should be booked for 15th Feb assuming it takes them 60 days to approve the visa and the intended date of arrival on the application form should also be 15th Feb. Please correct me if I am wrong here.

Please guide for what date should I book the return flight. I have no clue on this and what should be Intended date of departure from Portugal after the first intended stay for the application form.


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Hi @ataraxia ,

In fact, you should book your flight to Portugal after those 60 days since it is the timing for approval.
When it comes to the flight from Portugal to your country, you should consider that the visa is valid for 4 months - meaning that youยดll be legal here during those 4 months, generically speaking.
So, taking your example, if you enter Portugal on 15 February, you should count 4 months (120 days) for the return flight.

Hope that helps you !