Documents required for Portugal Residence permit

My situation is I was approved D7 visa already. I will apply the residence permit and reunification residence permit for my family in Portugal. I’m not sure the details of documents required.
Would someone please show me all the details.

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Applying for Residence - the law

It covers required documents, fees, and the required form (in Portuguese)

Dear Dan bert,
Thanks for your help.
My situation is I am not sure about the documents required list below.
For temporary residence permit:

  • Evidence of sufficient means of subsistence, will the documents which shows balance of my bank account in Portugal be enough?
  • Evidence that the applicant has adequate accommodation. How long will the rent contract be enough,one year?
  • Should I submit a new criminal record from original country because that one used for visa application will be expired from three months valid when I come to SEF with appointment?
  • Document proving that the applicant is registered with the Social Security, where applicable. If this document applicable in my application with approved D7 visa?

For reunification of my family,

Authenticated supporting documents proving the family links invoked. How to certify the translation of marriage certificate ?

Authenticated copies of the identification documents of the applicants family members. Should the copy of their passports be translated into Portugal and certified? I didn’t translate my passport in applying for D7.

Extract from the judicial record in the country of origin or of provenance of the family member. If I
Order an email copy and a mailed hard copy and don’t open the mailed FBI report envelope, don’t I need the US Department of State authentication (apostille)?

(Documents written in a foreign language must be accompanied by the respective translation that can be certified by any of the entities listed in Notaries Code, namely: Portuguese Notary; Portuguese Consulate in the country where the document was passed; Consulate of that country in Portugal.)

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You’re welcome. When I applied for my residence permit I brought copies of all the documents I submitted for the visa application. The person I dealt with was OK with the few documents she asked for. I have no idea if or how the requirements or process has changed since Aug 2019.

The best source for up to date answers to your residence permit questions is in the current version of ‘2021 Visas and Permits.pdf’ found in the Files section of the Facebook group ‘Americans & FriendsPT’. If you don’t have a FB account, creating a new one just to get access to the private group and their files doesn’t work, if the posts from people who tried that can be believed.

I know nothing about the family reunification process.

Message sent soon after as I posted this.

Dear Dan Bert,
Thank you so much, the information and documents you gave me are of great help to me. Hope to have the opportunity to meet in Portugal.
Kindly regards. Have a nice day.