Does any fund offer early exit?


Does any fund offer early exit if we wish to abandon GV? So far i’ve been told that fund managers will help find someone who wants our shares at a discount. I believe this is more of a promise and not contractual.

Yes if you use one of the publicly traded funds, no if you are using a VC.

Are there any publicly traded fund for GV?

Public traded funds for GV has been discussed in Portugal GV fund comparison topic

I tried searching in that topic and its a looooong topic. Nothing turned out. As far as I read, there are no public traded funds in 350k option. Please let me know if I missed something.

it is a very long topic because it is a very complicated topic. it is unlikely anyone is going to spend the many hours required to create a summary at this point. some might argue it behooves anyone looking to commit 350k to read the entire thing even if it takes a long time.

there is one fund from IMGA that has been used.

Mercan offers to pay the money back if our Visa get rejected. Does any fund offer the same? Especially there is a chance that we might miss the Dec 31st deadline (I know it’s slim).


it is the same as abandoning GV.

Thanks Jeff! Does it mean that we don’t get our money back till the end of the term? Even if our visa gets rejected initially?

yes you cannot get your money back unless the fund chooses to let you out which they might but is not guaranteed.