Does anyone have experience using Legal Square?


I’m seeking some people with experience working with Legal Square for the Portugal GV. Were you able to obtain your GV? Were they professional and efficient?
Anyone with negative experiences?

I am using them. Very responsive so far. But I have not even gotten to the point of submitting my application yet.

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They have been quick to respond and supportive through the process, and not asked for any extra money for miscellaneous services required during Golden Visa process like notarizing or translating the documents in Portuguese etc. - which makes things easy for me.
I found their cost for Financial Representation expensive and chose to go with someone else for NIF and financial representation - but otherwise they seemed most competitive to me.

I agree, they are expensive for fiscal representation… are you at the stage where you’ve gotten pre-approval or have already used Legal Square to complete any transactions?

have you used them for real estate transaction yet? (if that’s the route you’re choosing). If so how long does due diligence take with them?

I will be aplying for my pre-approval in couple of weeks. I have gone through the fund route. Their due diligence for the fund was quite quick - in a few days time.

No, I went the fund route, so I cannot comment on their value on the real estate path.