Has anyone worked with Martinez EchevarrĂ­a law firm?

Hi, I am looking to hire a lawyer for my Golden Visa application through real estate investment. Have anyone heard of or worked with the Martinez EchevarrĂ­a (ME&F) law firm. Would you recommend them? Thanks!

It all boils down to the lawyer who shall be working with you rather than a firm in general. Although the GV application is straightforward and several options are just like a checkbox, choose a lawyer who takes responsibility to follow-up on the application process, patiently answers your questions and available for you when you need them. Internet is a bad place to look for a specific advice and recommendation, choose someone with whom you are comfortable to work with.

To add to @TommyReine points, interview your lawyers and ensure you feels it’s a good fit from a knowledge, experience, responsiveness, and empathy perspective. Optimally you’ll be working with them until citizenship. :crossed_fingers:

We had several great discussions with different lawyers but disqualified ones that were slow in follow-ups. With two different firms, after the interview call, it took over a week and two follow-up e-mails to get their engagement letters. Big flag for us so we moved forward with another who was very responsive. But that was one of our must-haves.

ME are useless. We tried them and they were impossible to work with, extremely unprofessional and did not seem to understand the legal issues. ME is definitely a no go zone if you want things done properly.