E-residency Estonia: what are the best service providers?

Hi everyone!
I am currently looking into moving my business to Estonia. I already have the e-residency, but am undecided which service provider to use. Obviously, they all sound great on paper!
Would love to hear about your experiences and your recommendations :slight_smile:


Hi, Fiederikezahlbum!

Full disclosure, I work for a service provider in Estonia and therefore I can only give you a biased answer. However, I would like to give you some points to think about when it comes to selecting a corporate service provider for your Estonian company that can give you a good framework and may help you to get closer to your decision.

Generally, there are 5 things I would suggest you to consider:

  1. Does the business have a license do offer those services?
  2. Is the business listed on the e-Residency marketplace?
  3. Does the company provider have a professional team?
  4. Is it a local company?
  5. Can you get all of the necessary services from the same corporate service provider?

Hope it can narrow down your list - Cheers!