Education while traveling? What do you do to sustain book learning for kids when being Nomadic?

Hi Everyone-
We are beginning to plan our nomadic journey doing some ‘slow travel’ with our 9 year old. Once things calm down around Covid-19 we are planning on leaving the UK and explore regions that are designated as safe to travel. We will spend about a month in each location with day trips or short trips in between with the goal being to get to know the community, the culture and take in the surroundings but not have a check list of must do’s or must sees. I am also hoping that we can participate in local volunteer activities as well as time to think, reflect and dream.
The question is what do we do with our active 9 year old who thrives with school structure and has been challenged during the current COVID-19 situation when school has been shut. For those who have traveled with children it would great to know what you have done.

There is a lot of nomad homeschoolers, so i would recommend that you do some research on the local homeschooling communities/groups a lot of people travel with kids and teach them from home