Want to combine accommodation, co-working space AND education for your kids? Read on

Are there any Digital Nomads out there travelling with their school-age children? Perhaps you don’t have children yet but are wondering how you might maintain a nomadic lifestyle when you do? Maybe you have already written this off in favour of ‘settling down’ when the time comes?
I already have young children and was finding the prospect of “starting from scratch” - in terms of both becoming location independent and worldschooling – rather daunting! That was when I stumbled across Boundless: a collection of thoughtfully designed communities located in beautiful destinations around the world where likeminded families can develop connections, collaborate, and be culturally immersed – all while their children benefit from a holistic educational system that prioritises creativity, embraces soft skills, out-of-the-box thinking and respect for our planet.
For my family, Boundless ticks all the boxes and more besides and removed a lot of the actual or perceived hurdles that were crippling my progress towards a location independent lifestyle.
Boundless are currently selecting founder families and are launching their first locations early next year. If you think you might be interested in finding out more, you can join the Waiting List and find more details via the link below.
I am not affiliated with Boundless, but I am extremely passionate about the project and the opportunities it is opening up for me and my family.