eSIM transfer to new phone while in US

Has anyone transferred their Vodafone eSIM to a new iPhone while in the US? If not, any guidance on how or when to do so? Vodafone support is not very helpful at all on the matter :slight_smile:

I see on the Vodafone Portugal site, that when you change your mobile, you cannot use your old /original eSIM QRcode /PIN/PUK to add the eSIM to a new phone. [Unlike France].

So, you have to order a new QR code - either at a loja or at online, or via their chat facilities. The loja online is at: eSIM: cartão SIM digital - Vodafone Portugal and
Vodafone Cartão eSIM Grátis - Loja Online Vodafone
Or see if the Vodafone app for portugal and the Chat facility on that helps?


As far as I know it can only be done in a physical Vodafone store at the moment. That’s what customer support told me. There is an option to transfer eSIM on the phone but it just doesn’t work…maybe they will get round to fixing it this decade.