Prepaid sim for portugal spain and france

I am looking for a prepaid sim for use in portugal, spain and france for a week. 10GB is fine. No calls or texts needed.
Whats the best way and best carrier to get this as soon as I land in lisbon ?


If your phone supports eSIMs, Airalo is a good option. Remember though, likely with any solution involving physical pre-paid SIMs, youā€™ll have to buy a SIM for each country youā€™ll be transiting through. Ditto for Airalo, you will need to buy an eSIM for each country.

I recently used Airalo for a trip to Turkey, and it worked really well.


If you get a regular SIM (even prepaid) from any of the main Portuguese networks these will work in Spain and France at no extra cost, too.


do you need a NIF to get SIM ?

no. its just 8 euros for NOS sim. You can get it at any small stores.

I had a good experience with Orange Holiday e-sim that I set up before I arrived. It was very reasonable, I think 20 EUR for about 2 weeks worth of data and calls. Was great to have phone service as s soon as I landed and not having to find a store, or wait in line at the Vodafone at the airport.

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