French Prepaid Phone Plan


I recently moved to the near Paris area and I am looking for a good Prepaid Sim Card for my stay here in France. I’m looking for one with over 4GB of data a month and calling to the USA as well as other EU countries. Someone had asked something similar on a post on the 30th of May and recommended using RED by SFR, but they had pretty bad reviews online and their prices seem too good to be true… not sure if I should trust it. I was also thinking of using Sosh by Orange but I don’t have a previous number I can give them. Any recommendations would be lovely!

A great thanks and best wishes to my fellow Nomads :slight_smile:

Actually, you do not need SIM in France. There are free wifi spots like Mc. You could connect orange wifi by registration with your credit card in France, as well.

Although, you are able to buy local SIMs.

I am using two global SIMs:
Flexiroam: via Orange, from $0.54/day up to 2.33
MTX: pay as you go, 30 days, E0.014/MB

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While I don’t have any experience with this myself, I usually find this site to be helpful when I need to pick up a SIM card in another country:

Did you already check what’s available there?

For calling to the US, you might be better off getting Google Voice or something (if you have access to a US number for the first-time verification of your account).

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Hi Zoe
Try Leclerc mobile phones.They give a great deal

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