EUR account any MONEYVAULT.ONLINE experiences?

Hi to all,

Have you had any experience with Moneyvault They are based in the UK. They only accept the EU and UK residents. IBAN(BG) EUR (Corporate and Individual account IBANs). They asked me to provide 2 proofs of address!! :sweat_smile: Generated EUR IBANs instantly and I’ve received their Mastercard debit card today.

Question: Any experiences?? Do they report? :female_detective:

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I have never heard of them, but I suspect they are not really a bank, but a simple Electronic Money Organisation, like Revolut and Transferwise. So no guarantee whatsoever. Forget things like ‘Ring-fencing of funds’. It means zero!

Did you do Due Diligence and checks on who owns the company? I know we hear think like KYC, but to be frank, it should be KYB (Know your bank!). There’s a hell of a lot of cash floating around looking for a home and these companies are springing up all over the place, and are desperate!

For me, the best is Revolut, simply due to the control that you have via the app. It is based in Lithuania and the funds in the UK are held in a Barclays account. It’s very well known and the CEO is often in the news. It’s vital to know about the people who have your money! Forget the AML rules etc. It’s common knowledge that the tax authorities and police know exactly what’s going on. Far more important to look after yourself and don’t get ripped off by these people!