Monese - Is anybody working with this bank/fintech?

Monese ( offers multi-currency based IBAN accounts. Claims a very easy and quick process to open a bank account. Can anybody share their experience with this entity?

Thank you.

I’ve had an account for a long time (although not my main account, so not getting much use), and I’ve found them to be good. Pricing is OK, it’s easy to open the account, and support have been good the few times I’ve had to talk to them.

Currently, you’ll get GBP and EUR accounts.

I opened Monese accounts recently and have found the app to be very good. Setup was prompt and efficient.

Thanks for the info, Did you have any issues opening the account? Apart from a passport or id, did they ask for any other documents?


Just checked the App. Only for EU citizens so, sadly, not for me.

Actually, EEA residents, regardless of the citizenship:
And they don’t ask for a proof of address.