Experience with Blevins Franks or Spectrum IFA for tax advice?

I did search for both companies on this forum. Surprised not to find any hits as they both produce many ‘advice’ articles that get picked up in PT expat news sites (or posted as advertorials). I keep thinking “I’d like that person advising me.”

I’m looking for both ‘leaving the UK’ and ‘moving to Portugal’ tax advice…

  • Blevins Franks has offices in both countries which is attractive. But their Google reviews are really bad - saying they ghost you, fob you off on outsourced and/or junior advisors, etc. Unclear if that’s true for everyone’s experience.
  • Spectrum IFA is only in PT but seems to be ex-Brits. Unlike Blevins they don’t appear to have their own financial products to push, which to me is a good thing (more independent advice).

Anybody have experience with either? Thanks!

Somehow there is a paradox I observed in that some firms seem to have wonderful online resources - guidance, articles, blogs etc. but when it comes to actually serving clients they turn out to be total rubbish.
I tried one such firm (not the ones you ask about) in the UK before starting my GV journey and I just could not get them to do anything really.

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