Fiber Modem+Router flashing with dd-wrt firmware for privacy and security increasing?

(Blonde) #1


Shall I only flash the open source dd-wrt firmware to the wireless router that I purchased over the ISP’s given Modem+Router or if I replace the ISP’s modem+router with a new modem that I’m willing to buy myself and use my own router(that I already bought) that is flashed by dd-wrt, can be a better solution?
e.g: now its ISP’s modem+router >connects to> My router that is flashed by dd-wrt firmware or a new modem shall I buy and flash by dd-wrt firmware, then I connect it to my own wireless router is more secure?
just for privacy matter, to be safe!



(rek2) #2

I will always flash a router if is supported by the open-wrt or dd-wrt or any of the distributions of Linux for routers, why? transparency, anything closed source from the operating system, to the software you use and the router can be spying on you or the people responsible to update/fix vulnerabilities may not be doing so… to much trust… I will always run Linux and open source any place I can.