Final visa cost

I have done my biometrics and got an email today from SEF (in portugese) which seems to say I need to pay about 5000 Euro. I thought I paid my fee earlier? confused. Is this normal?

For the initial card you have to pay about 500 for “analysis” and then another 5000 for the actual “card”. Yes they charge a lot because it’s a “Golden Visa”.

For renewals the card is slightly cheaper.

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Yes, sounds like you’ve received final approval

I suppose that’s good then. I was probably told this cost at the start but that was so long ago I forgot. Total scam given the slow approvals!!!. But good news I guess.

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Yes, it should be € 5,325.00
once you pay it will be two weeks until you or your attorney receives the card.

What office was biometrics and when?

Portamino on 7 January

€5,812.12 since Jan 2023…

Receiving the card after payment is yet another challenge, could be anything from 30 days +…

If you’ll the one receiving the bill is that amount they are a dependent, it should be two weeks. My experience.

Maybe your attorney needs to put in an inquiry.

for what it’s worth, STILL WAITING for the residence card. Is this normal?