ARI (GV) approval go ability to pay for the resident cards

Hello NG ARI (GV) applicants who have had their initial approval after Biometrics any location,

I searched through the topics and articles for the following year ion and couldn’t find relevant topic covered.

Since SEF increased the fees for the approved 1st time Resident cards issuance, we are trying to understand how long it took from the day of approval to the ability to pay for the card before the cards are printed/issued.

Can you please comment on this topic and help our community understand the timeline from your own experience?



In my case it took about 2 weeks for SEF to generate the DUC, and I had to chase them by email. They explained this as an ‘IT issue’…

Thank you @tommigun !!

That is exactly what we need in this topic.

Just a quick question: Did this happen recently, after they announced the new fees, or before?

It happened before.

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Just relaxed. Last year it took me 2 months to generate the DUC. Amazingly things still move forward :joy:

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