Payment for residency card - Portugal

Hi I sorted out the biometrics for my residency card and was told to pay the fee on line today. Ive logged into the portal but can’t find any way to make a payment. I can access an ‘invoice’ but no payment system. I am now in UK finalising my move but would welcome any information you can share with me. Many thanks

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You obtain the invoive (DUC) on the SEF ARI portal and then pay via online banking using the reference on the DUC. There is no way to pay directly from the SEF portal as far as I know.

Please note you need to wait for 48 hours between generating the DUC and actually paying via your bank.
Otherwise the bank will not recognize the DUC reference.


One of my family member (GV dependent applicant) received notification letter 1.5 months ago, but the DUC has not been working well. We cannot proceed the payment. Our lawyer contacts Sef almost everyday but problem is still not solved. Not sure what to do now…

thank you.