SEF Payment not being reflected on after three weeks

I have been informed by my lawyer that initial payment of 560 Euro is being not reflected on portal and three weeks has passed since payment. i was told that same is happening with others, no solution is being given despite several follow up emails. There is no alternative, any idea or suggestion.

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Hi, What was the solution finally ? Did you retry and it worked ? Did you get a refund for the earlier payment ?

You may want to see this thread. SEF payment not reflected after 2 days.
Someone who had a problem and the double payment was refunded, and the only case I have seen, dating from a while back. It appears to be quite important to confirm that the DUC payment is to the State, and to wait 48 hours before making payment. The duplicate payment is eventually refunded.

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Is the wait 48 hours from the DUC including weekends? Our DUC was generated Thursday, can I pay it on Saturday or wait until end of day Monday?

From the practical standpoint, there is no need for guesswork here.
If your DUC is ready for payment, you will see it once you have entered the DUC reference number into your online banking system (look for the menu Taxes → State or Impostos → Estado). It will show up as “SEF”.
If the DUC ref number is not recognized, that means it is not yet ready for payment.


I was able to pay the DUC via Bison bank within hours of it being generated. I don’t think their system does the validation you’ve pointed out. Our lawyer said it didn’t matter if I paid right away but clearly they’re wrong.

So my original question still stands if people see their DUC payment available for payment 48 hours or 48 business hours?

Thanks all.

I can say that officially it is “2 business days” according to what is printed on the DUC itself:

“O DUC encontra-se disponível para pagamento dois dias úteis após a data da sua emissão”

It’s not required to to wait as soon as it’s shown in bank system, payment can be made. if not shown then wait 48 hours to get reflected.

if payment is made and not shown in system then you may need to cancel previous DUC and make new one and make new payment. Old payment will be refunded.

To close the loop, our lawyer re-issued the DUC and we waited 2 business days before paying (Bison Bank doesn’t do the validation that @moozpk mentioned above). It took 13 days after payment for SEF to update their system. But the SEF portal, once updated, did show the date of payment was initiated by the bank as the payment date.

We are still waiting for the original payment to be refunded but that’s a secondary concern. We’re just happy we made it in before the law is signed by the President.