Waiting time for physical cards

My husband and I had biometrics for our GV application in Portimao 14th February 2023, final approval and payment made July 2023 and yet despite many emails and a letter from our lawyer we still are without cards. Is anyone else waiting nearly a year just for card issuance?

No this isnโ€™t normal. Seems like your file or your cards have been lost. Iโ€™d do more than just write letters i think.

Definitely not normal. My wait was 2 months, Iโ€™d lean on your atty to contact that AIMA.

We have been waiting since our biometrics appointment in April 2023. We invested in a fund in December 2021. We have now decided to file suit against AIMA on the advice of our attorney.

Unfortunately, we have been waiting since December 2022. I have never heard such a delay for renewal. Our lawyer has written them a few times, without any answerโ€ฆ

For what itโ€™s worth, I gave my biometrics in October 2022 in Lisbon and still waiting to make payment and receive card.

We are in the same boat. Biometrics done in February as well.