For those of you who think the introduction of APMMA will speed up process of applications

APMMA: Portuguese Agency for Minorities, Migration and Asylum
SEF: Portuguese Immigration and Border Service
ACM: High Commission for Migration

As much as I would like for the APMMA to be more efficient, there is nothing that suggests they will be any different from the SEF, given the same employees will be doing the same work.

What I do have hope for are applications June 2022 onwards being easier and faster to process given they were lodged online.

Regardless, there needs to be a lobbying campaign or something - otherwise as one analysis showed the current pile would take until 2030 to process!

Were previous applications not online? Mine was


From what I can tell, one of the reasons for the 6 months break, along with the reorganisation of the program was taking it online.

I mean, I think we are all skeptical of Portuguese bureaucracy at this point, but Iā€™m at least hoping that there will be some positive change. Time will tell of course, but at least there is some hope.