SEF adds 116 agents for residence permit processing

Starting 12 Sep 2022, SEF adds 116 agents to 26 offices to help with residence permits:

The main function of the technicians is “assistance in the specific areas of activity of the SEF, namely in the documentary scope of the permanence of foreign citizens”. Professionals in this area are responsible for carrying out the final step for granting the Residence Authorization (AR) to immigrants, which is the face-to-face interview with verification of the required documentation.


Sounds like it couldn’t hurt and can only help.

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I hope this is the initiative that is being waited for a long time…
So far the process has been like a stop-start traffic. There was a progress and then things came to a stand still. I have not seen any December cases being processed and simply hope that all of those files are to be taken care by this task force.

“Fair treatment” has been the phrase that is used most by SEF, yet at point this really needs to come to life. Till now the experience has been the exact opposite which is contrary to what is stated publically. GV applications are almost always pushed to the back perhaps mostly with the hypothesis that most GV holders live abroad and therefore their applications are the ones that can be pushed to the back quickest.

Hopefully this additional resource allocation will accelerate the progress.
PS: Yes only as of last week of Sep, things start progressing and we see early Dec applications getting pre-approved… Yet things happen too late too little.

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On other threads we are indeed seeing processing of people submitted in Dec 2021.