End of SEF approved

I hope my cards are issued before the breakup actually gets implemented :frowning: But you know everyone there is going to be even less ambitious now… I would hate to be applying for GV now, is all I can say.

Seems like a name change basically, no? Not like they’re not going to process immigrants at all any more

the article I read said their tasks will mostly be farmed out to other agencies

Hi Jeff,

It is just the structural and jurisdictional change to the current SEF set-up to be divided into 3 Departments. Right now it is the basic guidelines what they have provided w.r.t the jurisdiction and functioning of these departments.
I suggest you hold down to your current plan. Let’s watch for any further update we get.
Wish you all the best for your GV.

Hi Christopher,

Yes it indeed is their plan, this may reduce some of the burden the staff at SEF had with handling everything at their end.
Let’s hope for the best. :crossed_fingers:


Jeff, you are already on this GV boat and i guess a lot of us are very happy having you on the same boat.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I’m just waiting for cards, so I’m merely mildly annoyed and impatient and that without much good cause even as it hasn’t been that long really. I just feel bad for any of the poor saps applying now.

But then, I am by nature a pessimist. :slight_smile: