Golden Visa investment via property - where do you find them?

Hi everyone,

A disclaimer first: we will be putting our 7 room + loft duplex on the market in the couple of months (after renovation) and will also promote this to Golden Visa investors. Hence the following question…

I was wondering where those of you who are looking at a Golden Visa investment via property purchase look for opportunities? Would this be via the usual immo websites or are there other more “specialised” listings you use?

Usual immo aggregators, e.g. imovirtual, casa sapo etc.

OK, so the “usual suspects” - including Idealista and others I guess… I would have thought someone would specialise in these types of properties. :sweat_smile: Thanks @tommigun

You may want to also check the post from @xraydelta on his property research, I believe he used a few more search engines…