Greece Golden Visa lawyer

Hi all, I am interested in the Greece Golden Visa program. Does anyone have a good lawyer to recommend? Thanks.

I have no personal experience with this, but perhaps you could ask about it from at least these two places if they had to provide a solution to your problem.

Thanks, Sami. I will check them out.

I will definitely NOT try Henley & partners. They seem doing all kinds of immigration programs and that can only mean they are the 2nd or 3rd tier broker/dealer.

Iā€™d recommend you to find a local greek immigration lawyer which should not be too difficult.

Iā€™m Greek, I can help you out. Beware, some agents over-charge property to make sure they qualify for the minimum amount needed for the Golden Visa. For the amount needed for the VISA, be sure to buy something at least of 80-90m2 + , or in a VERY commercial location (Thisseio, Plaka, Acropolis) and be sure to visit the property to make sure the renovation is of quality.
Prefer local lawyers.

Hi Daniel, thanks for the suggestion. I have contacted several local lawyers who seem to be competent.

Hi George, thank you very much for the tips. Could you elaborate why I must buy something 80-90m2+? Is it because anything lower than this size may have been marked up by the agents to qualify for the Golden Visa minimum?
Several local lawyer suggested coast locations like Alimos, Elliniko, Glyfada. I checked spitogatos and did find a number of apartments in the price range of 250k-300k in these locations. Do you think an apartment in these locations and in this price range is a good purchase for investment?

In general the southen coast area (Glyfada, Alimos, etc. Elliniko is from my point of view with too much bubbles already due to the casino project) is better than the city center. But be careful of the price tags from spitogatos, they could be tricky as well.