The Ultimate Guide to the Greek Golden Visa

Residency by investment, or perhaps eventually, citizenship by investment, is certainly growing in popularity for those who want to establish a new life in a different country. As a result, there are many Golden Visa programs out there for you to choose from. One that particularly stands out to us is the Greek Golden Visa. If you are an EU third-country national and you are looking for a path to residency (or even citizenship) in the EU economic area, or you are a non-EU retiree, self-employed, or digital nomad wanting to establish a home, and have enough money to invest in Greek real estate - then the Greek Golden Visa option should definitely be high on your list.

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Hi, this is a very nice article, thanks very much for a very useful introduction to the Greek Golden Visa.
My goal would be to become a Greek resident through property investment and live there. All the guides on the golden visa are very clear that you cannot work in Greece, by which I think they mean you cannot be employed and paid by a company based in Greece. But I assume I am right in thinking that I will still be able to work for my UK company, either by travelling to the UK or by working remotely in Greece? And am I also right that I can continue to work on e.g. short-term contracts in other EU countries, either remotely or in person (assuming I can get an appropriate work permit for working there in person)?