GV - criminal record check - what is country of origin?

My son was born and has resided entirely in the UK, but has dual UK/US citizenship. Am I right to assume that he only needs a UK criminal records check, as his “country of origin” is UK, not US ?

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Please read this thread here:

Unfortunately it seems the ultimate ‘interpretation’ is down to the SEF clerk who would process your file…
Sometimes they request ‘country of origin’, other times ‘country of nationality’, and on occassion nothing at all (which is my hope and expectation :wink: ).

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Thanks Tommy. I suspect in this case since my son can show a UK birth certificate with his birthplace as London, a UK passport and UK residence, then a UK police check should be enough. But you never know!

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Chris, I guess you should be fine with just the UK ACRO.
I have researched a few more Portuguese sources and it looks like the term ‘nacionalidade’ would normally be interpreted by SEF as the ‘origin’. The corresponding regulation seems to be using these two terms interchangeably and inconsistently - see attached, Article 67 (f) vs. Article 61 (e).
Decreto Regulamentar n.º 84-2007 de 5 de novembro.pdf (417.1 KB)

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