H1B holders applying for Portugal Golden Visa

Is there anyone who is an H1B holder in the US and applying for a golden visa in Portugal? Please PM me.

Or you can reply here. Thanks.

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yes. I am assuming you are going to ask about schengen visa.

We need a valid H1B VISA which is 3 months valid past the last date of departure from Portugal. So yeah it is going to be a challenge unless you have it.

Otherwise it should be straightforward to go to consulate of portugal in washington DC and apply for a schengen visa.

:raised_hand: I meet the criteria.


The process has been a year in the making for me - Had to wait to get my US visa cleared and then finally went in to drop my passport off for Schengen this week.

Hoping for a multiple entry Schengen because it is going to be a pain if I have to re-apply multiple times over the course of next few years.

Just my individual experience. For a change I applied for visa to visit Portugal (before my pre approval) but submitted proof of pending golden visa application and requested multiple entry. They gave me 10 days visa. This was in washington DC. Not a welcoming experience.

FFS that doesnโ€™t give me any hope. :frowning: Will report back once I get mine. Wonโ€™t be for a few weeks.

Unfortunately it is Schengen which is an EU level visa has precise requirements for multiple entry, one of which is that you have used three single entry visas recently and complied with that conditions - ie not overstayed. The Portuguese embassy has no flexibility on this from the EU as it is an international agreement afaik.

If anyone has a different experience please let us all know how !

I wanted to know if an EU passport will enable a faster move from H1B to green card in the US? Our kids are studying in the US and will probably go down the H1B path. Just wondering if the EU passport gives them an advantage in pursuing a green card or will they be tied to their place of birth? One of our kids was born in India and the other in Europe. Would appreciate any insights. Thanks.

AFAIK the US green card system is based on country of birth.

GVhope is correct. It is based on country of birth not passport.
As a sight tangent - there is a concept of cross chargeability to a spouse or a parents country of birth - Chapter 6 - Adjudicative Review | USCIS
(See section 7 cross chargeability - which may be of benefit especially to your Indian born child given the current India wait times for several Green card categories.