US Green card holders applying for Portugal Golden Visa

Green card holders : I was wondering if there would be any impact of having a golden visa residence permit when we naturalize eventually to become a US citizen.

I just want to make sure having a residence permit from another country does not hurt my chances of naturalizing to become a US citizen.

I do plan on residing in the USA more than 11 months each year for the next 5 years.

Please let me know any information you have regarding this.

You should ask a US immigration lawyer.

Here are some opinions on whether it’s possible to maintain green card and Canadian PR at the same time: Is it possible to maintain residency requirements in both the U.S. and Canada at the same time? - it seems some lawyers say yes and some say no.

The Board of Immigration Appeals ruled many years ago (in a case I handled as attorney for the alien) that if a person is a permanent resident of the U.S. and then becomes a Landed Immigrant (permanent resident) of Canada, that person loses his U.S. residency (absent very strong proof that the person did not intend to give up their U.S. residency).

In my not-lawyer opinion GV should be much easier than PR because the physical presence requirements are much lower. In fact applying for GV vs something like D7 could be considered strong proof that you don’t intend to leave the US, because if you did intend to leave the US, you could use the much cheaper D7 option!

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Or see here: Permanent residency in more than one country |

As a theoretical matter if you are permanent resident of USA and you are living here we don’t care how many other permanent residency you have.

Since the GV is not even a permanent residency, if PR is allowed then it seems GV should definitely be allowed.

Some countries have stay requirements for PRs, so one might not be able to collect them indefinitely. Different story with PR in one and GV in another, I agree (in a non-lawyerly way.)

General consensus seems to be that as long as travel is under 182 days in a year and one can demonstrate ties to the United States (home ownership, assets, taxes) I think you’ll be fine. Not an immigration lawyer™️.

There also seems to be some process to get pre-approval to return if the travel is longer than 1 year.